Design by MONI is a small locally owned business based in Calgary specializing in stylish athleisure wear. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels and looks their best when they are out living life to its fullest. 
Our sleek designs were prompted by Masuma Lanflo (founder of Design by MONI) wanderlust. The constant lifestyle of travelling and being engaged in activity required comfort. From catching flights to Brazil, to enjoying an island yoga session in Fiji and even a night out in Greece Masuma was determined to come up with a versatile brand for women and men who had busy demanding lifestyles.
The multiple lines put out by Design by MONI are always tried and tested to see which activities they complement best. We have items for high intensity activities such as sprinting or training, medium intensity engagements such as yoga or Pilates, last but not least the low intensity-built items are best suited for activities such as aerobics or jogging. The Lycra fabric blend varies to create the best outcome for each product and its intent. This revolutionary fabric has sweat and moisture wicking qualities, great for when you’re on mom duty.  
Not only is the collection from Design by MONI highly desirable fitness wear, it can double as statement items to a trendy wardrobe. The neutral colors we stick with provide a base to dress up or down. The idea behind the silhouettes was so they can be styled for a date night look or even a sophisticated aura at the office. Our brand was curated out of the necessity to be comfortable and look polished wherever you are headed and hope to provide with all the tools needed. 
“We promote a lifestyle, not a brand.” – Founder/ CEO Masuma Lanflo 
As reflected in our monthly newsletters with recipes, styling tips, travel hacks and an array of lifestyle support, we would like to invite you to take part in a suave and zestful lifestyle.